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Work in progress...our technical and graphic folk are currently creating our logo, brand and main website. In the mean time, we decided it was important to share with you what we are doing! Until our main website is live, we will continue to update this temporary website with the latest information...also check out our Facebook page for news and updates

About Us

Highland Wireless & IT Solutions Ltd was started in early 2017 by Cameron Warren, who wants to provide superfast broadband to areas that currently do not have access to superfast speeds. With the internet becoming more and more part of our daily lives, it is important that we all have equal access to a stable, high quality and fast broadband connection! We are currently in the process of renovating our office in Edderton, where will be based, from.  We will not only offer a broadband service, but we will offer also a range of other IT services; these include; telephony systems; cloud based services (Office 365, hosted exchange email, online backup); managed WiFi systems; IT consultancy; household WiFi, hardware installations/management and more in the future. One of our goals is to work with local communities to achieve the goal of superfast broadband for everyone!


We are working with a number of local community organisations to expand our network to cover their local area. If you are a community council or organisation that would like to discuss extending our network to cover your local area please contact us!

We are pleased to say that we are working in Partnership with the Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust to extend our network to cover the Kyle of Sutherland and Strathcarron areas. (More details to follow)

How it works

We use fixed wireless point to point technology to create a backhaul network that connects to a number of transmission stations located around the coverage areas. A small dish located on the side of your property, will connect to the nearest transmission station and receive the superfast broadband signal. A small box is then located in your property which will give you wired and wireless access to the internet. By using wireless technology we eliminate the problems associated with copper cables and distances from exchanges and cabinets.


At our main data centre, we have a superfast backhaul connection to the wider internet, where all internet traffic is sent and received. Our network is designed to have low latency and high speeds, resulting in a high quality internet service for our customers.  We are pleased to offer a higher quality, faster speed and cheaper service than satellite broadband providers.


We do not cap our customers data usage, all we ask is that you adhere to our unlimited data fair usage policy!

Speed & Data Usage

Residential users will receive up to 50Mbps download and 20Mbps upload.


Business users will have a range of speeds available -    up to 50Mbps, 80Mbps and 120Mbps.

Coverage Area

The below map is interactive - please click on each area to see information

We are currently in the process of finalising the exact coverage of each area. Please check this map and our Facebook page for news and the latest updates.

If your property is currently not in a planned coverage area, please contact us and we will see what we can do to extend our network to reach you!


We are currently in the process of finalising our monthly and installation prices, but we can guarantee that residential properties will not pay anymore than £35 per month.

We will be announcing our prices very soon!


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  • What is Fixed Wireless?

    Fixed wireless is when devices are located in fixed locations, like a house or commercial property, as opposed to mobile phones and tablets that move around. Generally, a small CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) unit is placed on the exterior of your property and will receive a signal from the nearest transmission station. Unlike some old copper cables and cellular signal, fixed wireless provides a very reliable and fast service.

  • Do I need a phone line?

    No, you do not need a phone line to receive our service. If you would like to keep your current landline telephone number you can either continue with your current phone line provider or move over to VoIP.

  • What is VoIP?

    VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. A small box would be provided for you to plug your home telephone/s into and your telephone calls would come over the internet. If you would like to reduce your line rental charges you can port (move) your current landline number over to a VoIP provider such as Vonage or Sipgate.  Moving your telephone number over will reduce your monthly cost, as there are no line rental charges for a VoIP service. This allows you to use your telephone in the same way as before, the only difference is your phone calls come over the internet instead.

  • What will happen to my email address?

    If you have a web based email service such as Gmail, Hotmail or a paid private email service, nothing will change when you subscribe to us. If you have an email service provided by your current ISP such as @btinternet.com, @aol.com, you will have to setup a free email address. We recommend using Gmail.


    Please note some ISPs will continue your email service once you leave them for a small monthly fee. If you have questions on this or need some help moving your email please contact us and we would be more than happy to help!

  • When will you be in my area?

    Please check our coverage map to see when we will be in your area. If there is no information about your area on the coverage map, please contact us and we can advise you on our plans.

  • Is the network secure?

    Yes, our network complies with the latest security standards. We monitor our network 24/7 to ensure that is performing correctly and securely.

  • Do I need line of sight to the nearest transmission station?

    Yes, you will generally need line of sight to the nearest transmission station to receive the signal. Don’t worry if you live within trees or do not think you can get line of sight – when we come to carry out our survey we will discuss the different options with you. We have a few different ways up our sleeve to get our signal to you!

  • How long will the installation work take?

    Once we are at your property, the work will take around a couple of hours. This will depend on the individual circumstances, such as long cable runs or difficult to reach places might take a little longer. We can advise you on this once we complete our survey.

  • I have a small home business, am I classed as a business customer?

    No, if you are a small home business user, you will be classed as a residential customer. We recommended all businesses to get in contact with us to find the best package for their needs.

  • Can I request a static IP address?

    Yes, no problem! If you require a static IP address, you can request one for a small additional monthly cost. You will have to justify your need for a static IP address however.

  • What is a Fair Usage Policy (FUP)?

     There is no limit to your data usage but we do request that you adhere to the Fair Usage Policy. The Fair Usage Policy, details that users use their connection in moderation – so basically do not download the whole internet in one night! The FUP is in place to ensure the network is performing well for everybody at peak times.  If our monitoring system notices that a user is using large amounts of data and not following the FUP, we will throttle their connection at peak times. We don’t do this to be difficult, but we want to keep the network fast for everybody.

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